Monday, May 24, 2010

Interview Tonight

Hop on over to Roseanne Dowell's blog where I have an interview posted tonight. Being interviewed is almost as enlightening for me as it is for the readers who are learning about me for the first time. I read all kinds of books, fiction and non-fiction, but I couldn't say on demand who my favourite authors are. I've thought a lot lately about authors and books I've enjoyed all through the years.

The first book I remember being given was a picture book of Bible stories and songs. I loved that book and can still visualise most of the pictures, especially the one that accompanied "Away in the Manger." The baby in the cradle, Mary in beautiful blue drapery with a soft, loving face,the protective bearded and sandalled Joseph, the wise men far away on the horizon, have stayed in my memory for more than 50 years. I wonder if I'll ever write a story that will be remembered far into the future.

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