Sunday, July 4, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

The lovely Julie Musil recently awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award - my first ever blogging honour - thanks, Julie! According to the rules I have to write seven random things about me. Here goes:

1. I'm versatile;
2. I read anything;
3. I'm messier than messy;
4. I buy too many cushions and throws;
5. I can't accessorise: scarves get caught in car doors, earrings fall into the soup, socks never match, I can never find a dog I like that's small enough to fit into my handbag;
6. I eat anything;
7. I adore laptops.

Also according to the Versatile Blogger Award rules I have to pass the award onto blogs I've recently discovered or that I find especially appealing. Check these out: (I know you'll enjoy them).

Rants & Ramblings on Life as a Literary Agent: I've learnt lots from this useful blog by Rachel Gardner;
Dreamswork: I love artmaking and often cruise by Sandra Toornstra's blog to see what she's working on;
Believing is Seeing: Sandra Sookoo writes in various genres - makes for an interesting blog;
Romance She Wrote: You MUST check out Gracie O'Neil's top blog;
One Writer's Way: Beth Trissel writes eloquently about historical and light paranormal romance;
Aileen Harkwood: has a beautiful blog and generously donates to wildlife rescue efforts;
Laura Kaye: I've only just discovered Laura Kaye's blog - and I'm so glad I have!
Cherie de Sues: Suspense and paranormal romance novelist;
Once Written Twice Shy: Blog of Rebecca J. Clark - some cool insights here;
Laugh, Love, Write: Jessica Hastings is a romance fiction feature writer.
Cherie Le Clare: No, not just because Cherie's interviewing me - because she helped me to learn about e-publishing and because she has a brand new blog!



  1. Well thanks! I'm honored. :))))

  2. Leigh, this is great. Who cares that you can't accessorize when you can WRITE? I'll check out each of these blogs. And thanks for the link back.

  3. Thanks Leigh! I really appreciate it!

  4. Thanks for including my blog, Lyn. Cheers!!

  5. Thank you!! What a great compliment!

  6. Thanks for the 'thanks' all you award-deserving ladies!