Friday, August 6, 2010

Show us Your Writing Space

A couple of weeks back I had a guest spot on romance author Rachel Brimble's blog. One of the questions Rachel asked was about my writing space. As you can see from the photograph my writing space is a tad boring. According to an online article I read recently this could be a good thing because there's not much to divert me from my work.

The pink heart on the wall was made at a meeting of our RWNZ group. Our facilitator was writer and artist, Janet Keen. At the end of our laughter-filled session, Janet gave each of us a heart. We wrote an affirmation on the hearts, put them all in a bowl and then each drew out one. Mine says, "Nurture the artist in you (yes, you are an artist-a writer) and reward yourself daily." The blue page was given to me from the team at Career Network, where I held an office space for a time - it talks about people coming into your life for a "reason, a season, or a lifetime".

If I'm feeling meditative I can look up and see trees and sky outside. As I write this, there's a misty rain coming down. The leaves are wet and shiny and every now and then a leaf falls or a raindrop plunks down through the branches. Most days there are fantails skipping through the trees but today I can't see any birdlife at all. According to the weather forecast we're due for some heavy weather and perhaps that's why the birds have gone to ground. Unusually, I have the house to myself, and except for the hum of my computer, it's very quiet. An ideal writing day. Above right is one of my paintings where I tried to capture the effect of light through the trees, and below left, a photograph of a walkway and stream nearby.

My writing space is in the corner of our dining room because it's warm and light. I could write in another room, and sometimes I long to be more isolated but the warmth of this end of the house wins out, at least during the winter months. I have bookshelves nearby and of course the coffee is just a step away.

The first professional writer's space I had the pleasure of visiting was Daphne Clair's. Daphne and Robyn Donald are two multi-published New Zealand writers. I attended their weekend workshops at Kara School of Writing. Being in Daphne's writing space, high up, overlooking a rolling Northland landscape, was awe-inspiring.

I'm fascinated by other people's writing spaces and I thought it would be fun to do a series. If you'd like to include a pic of your space on my blog please send it to me: with a link back to your blog, website etc. Please tell me a little bit about your space and why it's important to you. I'll tweet and Facebook as I go along. I can't promise to include every one but I'll do my best!


  1. Right now my writing space is a mess as I'm reorganising the whole room, so no pic from me! But... I just want to say I, too, love Reason, Seasons, and a Lifetime. I always keep a copy handy, as I do the poem Footsteps in the Sand.

  2. Hi, Leigh,
    My writing space is a tad boring, as well. If I look out the window I do have a fairly nice few of an old quarry pond and a park, but I tend to keep the blinds shut so I keep my mind on my writing. The overall office space is very messy with books piled everywhere, paper and receipts scattered about and photos/keepsakes dotting the mess. Oddly, though, it works for me.

  3. OMG - I'd be too embarrassed to have anyone see my writing spot - I'm crammed into a corner of my living room, right between the piano and the DVD collection, with no space in between. I have to be careful not to move my elbows to quickly or instant not-so-funny bone pain. I do write most often at work, during breaks and lunches.

  4. Hi Sherry, Keena and P.L. - thanks for stopping by! I should've said that my desk was unusually tidy because we were expecting visitors when I took that photo. Behind me on the dining table there's usually a pile of books, papers, and all kinds of things that shouldn't be on dining tables. I might have to go back to my blog post and do a bit of a re-write for the sake of transparency!

  5. Hi! My writing space is an ASUS EeePC that fits in my bag. It means I writing anywhere, anytime. Particularly handy when sitting in Dr waiting rooms or hospital rooms with the latest Child Catastrophe. In my handbag I have a Zebra Dirfit Gel pen because I love them, an A4 writing pad, notebook for my WIP and loads of scraps of paper with IDEA's that're not to be forgotten. My personal stuff: eg purse, lipstick, inhaler, only go in if they fit (they aren't that important). My blog is - slowly building it up :-) Have a great day!

  6. Hi Tyree - we need a photo of your bag!

    I have a laptop but found I needed a bigger screen (old age creeping up) and now mostly use a PC. My 'day job' is worked from home and I spend hours and hours at the computer.

    I do take my laptop (like me, a bit ancient now) away with me both for work and writing. Thanks for stopping by - have a lovely Sunday.