Monday, August 9, 2010

Writers' Workspaces - Vonnie Hughes: The World's Most Fortunate Writer?

"I must be the world's most fortunate writer," says Vonnie Hughes. Vonnie is an Australian author who writes Regencies for Robert Hale Ltd, London.

Her workspace is "HUGE," says Vonnie. "I have an upstairs living room for my study - well, I share it from time to time with dh. He has built bookshelves against the walls for me. If I lean around the corner I can see what we call the Broadwater - a strip of sea between an offshore island and the land. And of course I am supervised by a cat and a dog.

"One wall is for pleasure reading - the other has a whiteboard and all sorts of reference books tumbled around. I also like to read and write romantic suspense, so there are LOTS of reference books."

Coco the supervisor, keeps an eye on Vonnie while she works. Browse Vonnie's website, Intrigue or Innocence. If you'd like to send in a photograph of your workspace, please do! Tell me something about where you work from and what makes it special. Send to .


  1. Oh, very nice. I'm envious of your space, Vonnie. Thanks for sharing with us--and thanks, Leigh for giving us a peek into Vonnie's world.