Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Beautiful Butterfly Book

My daughter gave me this gorgeous little notebook for my birthday. It's just 8cm x 8cm. Instead of putting it in my handbag, using the odd page for a shopping list and ultimately losing it amongst the rubble, I keep the notebook on my desk and have been writing in it daily - just a few words about the day or a couple of lines of poetry, the number of words accomplished, even just one word that I've discovered or like the sound of.

This delicious book hardly takes up any space on my desktop. It's like a little jewellery box and I can't wait to open it up at the end of each day. Because it's so small the empty page is nowhere near as threatening as a full-size diary.  I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and the structure of writing in it each evening. Do you keep a daily diary? I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Leigh, I began journaling in my teenage years. It was a way of getting rid of youthful angst. Today I record snippits of story ideas, thoughts about my g'children, or jot a poem that forms while watching the otters play in the creek. And sometimes, I still get rid of my angst.

  2. Hi Loretta - thanks so much for stopping by. I've intermittently kept diaries but sooner or later they go by the by. This little gem seems easier for me to maintain. BTW you have a lovely website. I was a great fan of Zane Grey's and Louis L'Amour too.