Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dear Reader: What Kind of Romance do you Love?

Upcoming Regency Short
Dear Reader

I've always written contemporary romance but last year I wrote a short Regency and I just loved this writing. I enjoyed using different language, researching the Regency period and writing about people whose daily lives were vastly different than ours. I liked transporting myself back to households without television, computers, radios and all those machines that make a constant hum in the background of 21st-century living.

Writing a full-length Regency Romance
My Regency short romance hasn't yet been released but I do have a cover which I also totally love and I've included it with this post. My publishers are The Wild Rose Press who are presently celebrating their fifth anniversary.

I always have several writing projects 'on the go' but at the moment I'm deeply into another Regency. It began as a novella but Portia, Captain Maynard, Daphne, Freddy and Annabella have totally captured my attention and their story needs to be more involved than I could accomplish with a novella.

What do you love? Contemporary Romance? Regency Romance? 
Last year my debut novel, a contemporary romance, 'Kincaid's Call' was published as an -ebook  and I have another contemporary underway. All this writing and thinking about writing has made me wonder about what readers think about romance.

Spicy Romance? Sweet Romance? Erotica?
What do you love to read? How spicy do you like your romance reading to be?  I'd love it if you'd comment and/or participate in the polls to the right. Thanks so much. Happy reading!


  1. Hi Leigh,
    I've added my two-cents worth (which isn't a lot these days!) : )

    While still a major fan of suspence, I've just recently re-found a love of historical, so I'm really enjoying that at the moment. And I've got to have a bit of spice too. Sorry Barbara Cartland, but you're a little too tame for me.

  2. Hi LaVerne. Thanks for stopping by. Looks like spicy is way ahead in the heat ratings (luckily for me). Barbara Cartland was gorgeous in a way - all that makeup, hair, pink fluff and poodles!

  3. Hey Leigh,

    I've done my bit - just wished I could have ticked a couple of your answers on the heat level. I enjoy a range of spiciness, it all depends on the mood I'm in. :-)

    No guesses on my answer for your first question.

  4. Thanks Kylie. This is the first time I've put up a poll so it's all a bit experimental!

  5. Oh, Leigh, this is such a hard question! I love it all! Seriously, I don't think there is one category that I don't adore. As long as the characters ring true, the plot moves the story forward and I can feel that special tingle in my stomach, all romance works for me! LOL I know I probably said this already but I love the cover of Kincaid's Call. Very cool.

  6. Thanks, AJ. You make some good points here. Thanks for the nice comment about Kincaid's Call - it got a lot of great comments!

  7. It's so hard to pin down what I like in a romance. I enjoy romantic suspense because of the danger, a good historical, because of the constraints of proper society. Love to see the nobles tumble and spicy/erotica because I can live vicariously through the characters.

  8. Hi Wlynn. I have to agree that I also enjoy different kinds of romance and different heat levels. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting:)