Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Duke's Blackmailed Bride, Tribute to a Legend and other Updates

Time is a precious commodity.
It's been a while since I updated my blog. Life seems to have rushed away on me the last few months. Work, family, household and writing commitments all take a chunk out of time, that most precious but elusive commodity.

The Duke's Blackmailed Bride has continued to sell well on Amazon and other sites. Most reviews have been positive, insightful and constructive. Thank you to those reviewers and wonderful readers who've purchased a download. Thanks also to The Wild Rose Press who published The Duke's Blackmailed Bride. I know I'm in good hands with TWRP: for the fourth year in a row they've been voted Best Publisher of the Year by Preditors and Editors. I've truly appreciated their editorial input, great communication and efficient administration.

I was also thrilled to learn that The Duke's Blackmailed Bride has been selected for production as an audio book. My mother uses audio books so I'm delighted she'll finally be able to 'read' my book. I'm not sure what the selection process involves but I guess all will be revealed in time.

I'm continuing to write in the Regency genre, working on a full-length novel and another novella which I hope will be finished soon. These stories and characters will be connected to The Duke's Blackmailed Bride and I'm really enjoying layering the existing characters and getting to know new ones.

Another exciting development is the publication on Kindle of  Tribute to a Legend by well known NZ outdoor writer, Connor McKenzie. I've always been fascinated with e-publishing so this has added another dimension to my learning. If you or someone you know enjoys reading westerns, you'll love this collection of stories which pays tribute to the men and rifle (the Henry repeating rifle) that won the west. Connor is a regular contributor to NZ Outdoor Hunting magazine and his published books include Hunters, Rogues and Heroes, Quinn of the Valley and Classic Pig Hunting Stories. Connor is a total technophobe, so in publishing and promoting Tribute, I don't know whether I'm Arthur or Martha most days.

I continue to build a following on Twitter although Facebook sometimes still has me baffled. I love reading my favorite blogs by Kristen Lamb, Rachelle Gardner, Jody Hedlund and Julie Musil among others.

Writing retreats are wonderful.
Early in January I enjoyed a short writing retreat with three friends. Retreats are such a great way to share ideas, build on what we're already doing and learn new ways to explore and practice our craft.
What's ahead for 2012? More writing. After 30 years or so I feel as if I'm finally getting the hang of it! Children, grandchildren and elderly parents make for a rich blend of generations and time with them all is precious. For a Regency writer it can also be useful. Taking two elderly ladies out for the day gave me a good angle on the responsibilities of a lady's maid!


  1. Great post. I love writing for The Wild Rose Press, too. I envy your ability to write in that era. There's so much to remember, especially with the lines of royalty. Who curtesies to whom and all that. Wow. I'd need tons of reference books for that.

  2. I love your updated blog leigh. Inspires me to update mine sometime...but have been so busy editing haven't surfaced much to even surf the net

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Vonnie and Shirley. Vonnie, I do read lots of reference books. I'm lucky to have a great library in our area and I love to bring home all these big picture books so it's no hardship :)

    Oh, keep editing, Shirley - I can't wait to see your book 'out there'!

  4. Leigh, I know what you mean. All the Facebook, Twitter, and etc. has taken me from what I really love, writing! Just have to let a few things go occasionally.

  5. Hi Ilona (lovely name) It sure is easy to feel overwhelmed. I think I'm managing the social networking better this year (although we're only a month into it!).