Kincaid's Call
Kincaid's Call: A Contemporary Romance with a 'Spicy' Rating Nathan Kincaid reckons any man’s testosterone would go into overdrive at the sight of a dynamite-looking woman with wild hair and topaz eyes, a gorgeous pair of legs and a peek of satin panties right there on his desktop. This is not the matronly PA he was expecting. Even worse is the nagging sense of familiarity. Carrying the burden of his brother’s death and the breakdown of his family, the last thing Nathan needs is a pocket dynamo from the past complicating the life he’s just begun to salvage.

Kate Summers has created the life she wants and knows exactly the kind of man she needs: someone compliant, steady and calm. She’s constructed a model of her perfect mate and is bent on finding him when Nathan Kincaid, with his disturbing reminders of her fractured past, strides back into her life and makes a mockery of her database. Buy Kincaid's Call from The Wild Rose Press (Adobe PDF, Mobi Pocket, MS Reader, HTML or Buy Kinciad's Call on Amazon (Kindle version).

Kincaid's Call had some great five-star reviews and was a best-selling e-book for The Wild Rose Press.

The Duke's Blackmailed Bride - A Regency Novella

The Duke's Blackmailed Bride
'The Duke's Blackmailed Bride' received some great reviews and held #1 place on Amazon Kindle's Regency romance Top 100 list.

Vanessa Fitzwilliam is in dire straits. Her father’s death a year ago left her with a crumbling manor and a handful of old retainers relying on her for support. When the Duke of Northbridge sweeps into her life with a surprise proposal, Vanessa is tempted—but the arrogant duke believes her to be something she’s not.

Hardened by the ravages of war, Northbridge seeks a wife who will provide him with an heir but make no demands on his emotions. The scandalously experienced Vanessa, neither clinging nor innocent, seems the perfect choice. But Northbridge isn’t prepared for her reluctance to accept him, or his own fierce reaction to her beauty.

To fulfill his desires, Northbridge is prepared to be ruthless, but can he bend Vanessa to his will? Or has the Duke met his match?

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