Amazon Reviews for 'The Duke's Blackmailed Bride
Got Romance Reviews said: "I cannot wait to read other offerings by this author." Wow. "The Duke's Blackmailed Bride is a wonderfully spicy Regency romance. The traditional storyline is enhanced by the engaging characters and the setting. Vanessa is a feisty heroine but there is more to her than the gossiping ton knows and I loved watching Northbridge's reactions as he discovers the woman beyond the scandal. There are hidden layers to the hero as well and I loved uncovering the emotions behind the taciturn lord. Wonderful descriptions transported me to a faraway time and place. This was a great break to the everyday and I cannot wait to read other offerings by this author." 

Vonnie Hughes author of Regency historicals and romantic suspense, gave me four stars on Amazon for 'The Duke's Blackmailed Bride'. Coming from an author of Vonnie's calibre, this means a great deal to me. Here's what Vonnie had to say: "At last - a Regency heroine who is strong without being adventurous in a 21st century way. I'd like to see this book marketed as a novella as I was quite surprised when I downloaded it and found it wasn't a full length novel, but that does not in any way detract from its quality. The author has done her homework which, in the overcrowded Regency genre, is not always the case. Well done."

Sizzling Hot Book Reviews
Sizzling Hot Book Reviews also gave me a great review for 'The Duke's Blackmailed Bride': "The Duke’s Blackmailed Bride is a fun Regency romance about two people who are afraid to show their true feelings for each other or anyone else. Both Vanessa and Ash have been hurt often in the past by those closest to them, that they have developed a crust to protect their heart. It is only when they consummate their marriage, do they learn the truth about each other and truly fall in love. 'The Duke’s Blackmailed Bride' is a wonderful story that shows that some things like love are worth waiting and fighting for.

Kincaid's Call on Amazon
Author Cherie De Sues gave 'Kincaid's Call' five stars: "Nathan Kincaid is a sexy alpha male that got my motor running fast and hard. Kate thinks she needs Clark Kent, but watch out because Nathan thrusts into her life like a bullet train superhero. FANTASTIC reading, the romance is sizzling, emotional and written by a master! Don't miss this great story between Nathan and Kate! Leigh D'Ansey is an author with a real passion for her characters."

Historical romance author Margaret Tanner also reviewed 'Kincaid's Call' on Amazon. "Dr Kate Summers, compassionate but fiery has been scarred by her impoverished childhood and feckless parents. Forget love, she wants children and a marriage that will work, so she sets up a computer graph to enable her to research and find her perfect match. Wealthy Nathan Kincaid has a traumatised past as well. Commitment free sex is all he thinks he needs. He doesn't want the complication of love in his life. This unlikely pair meet at Second Chance, a college set up by Professor Armand to help wayward youths find their way in the world. This is a charming story set in New Zealand. It is all about second chances. I enjoyed reading it. Leigh D'Ansey has written a touching story with all the highs and lows of a true romance. Like me, you won't be disappointed when you read about Kate and Nathan's rocky path to true love. Highly recommended."

Suite 101
"Leigh D'Ansey's debut novel, 'Kincaid's Call' is ripe with romance and perfect for a quick summer read.  Kincaid's Call has a captivating story line and promises to be the first of many great romances to come from Leigh D'Ansey. The characters experience real problems, making them easy to relate to and hard to forget, especially with their witty dialogue that will keep readers smiling. " (Jessica Hastings, Suite101 romance fiction feature writer) read more..

Romance Alley
"I found myself sailing through the pages. I got caught up immediately in the character, rooting for Nathan to win the girl.... you want a hero that keeps you on your toes and Leigh D'Ansey did an excellent job of that. I enjoy Ms. D'Ansey's writing style, the flow of it similar to everyday speaking. She did a wonderful job of dropping just enough info to keep you interested, but not so much you feel as if you're drowning. I enjoyed the way she allowed the characters to grow, without it seeming forced or contrived. Excellent job Ms D'Ansey. (Reviewed by Desiree Rogers for Romance Alley).